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A Public Apology To My Hair

Dear Hair,

I’m a really, really, really sorry for everything I’ve done to you over the years.

I’ve never appreciated you. I’ve colored you, cut you into a chin-length bob, I’ve hacked multiple layers and brought you from platinum blonde to jet black without so much as a second thought. I’ve cut you on my own when I was too impatient for an appointment.

Then, I had to go ahead and get pregnant last year.

You were so excited. You grew and grew and grew and never got greasy. You LOVED LIFE. You made me excited to wake up in the morning. I spent many magical hours perusing YouTube for fun tutorials that I could try on you. I could throw you up in a silly topknot and you looked chic. I could  toss you into a messy side-pony, and you looked fab. I could straighten you until you were a shimmering blanket of brunette, or I could curl you until I had people stopping me in the store to ask me “how do you do you hair?” I could throw some sea salt spray in you and let you air dry, and people wondered if I was just coming home from a day at the beach… and I live hours from the coast. You were killin it.

And now, baby’s here.

And where are you going?

I still need you. Please stop falling out, and come back to me. When I’m in the shower and I’m conditioning you, I’m not crying because of lack of sleep, or because I desperately need a night out, or because I can’t seem to catch up on laundry. I’m crying because you’re leaving me, and I don’t know how to stop it.

I’ll give you all the Moroccan Oil and Bumble and Bumble Thickening Serum you can handle, if you just stay put.




  • Christina @ The Murrayed Life

    STOP IT. This, this is too much for me to read as I'm going to sleep. It makes me too excited that someone's hair betrayed them too. I mean seriously, I forgot how awesome it was at not getting greasy. And so thick and luxurious. It got a little much for me, but then it was HANDFULS in the shower. Just handfuls. I'm past it now. Baby hairs are growing back. We are back on speaking terms. It wants me to have another baby, I'm just not sure I'm ready. We'll compromise one day I'm sure.

    Also, did you know that you're a no-reply commenter?? Because I REALLY want to respond on email and get a little convo started, but your email isn't linked. If you didn't know just google it and everyone out there will show you how to fix. We could be friends I'm thinkin'.

  • Christina @ The Murrayed Life

    DO. Basically when you comment on people's blogs, it should link to your email and that way when they get the notice in their inbox, they can simply hit reply and start a convo on there. It's the best for responding to people because most don't actually come back and check their posts (like this one) to see if you responded. So people could potentially wonder why you didn't respond, but also people could be responding to any comments you make on theirs and it just gets lost in space because it had nowhere to go!

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