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Every Day In May: Day 8

I get to give you advice about anything I want. I thought about this in the shower the other day (I do some of my best thinking in the shower), and I made myself laugh out loud. I wanted to communicate this to you all, so I’m going to make it fit with today’s “Every Day in May” post.

If you’re an expectant mom, or are thinking about having a baby, or are in the process of trying to have a baby, I want to give you the best advice that I could give you. Are you ready?
When you’re at your breaking point, when you’ve been pushing for 36 hours with no dilating or progress, when you don’t think you have another ounce of strength to bring that baby into the world, please… just remember my words.

If you need any sort of motivation to complete the task that has been set before you: do it for your first post-pregnancy meal.


I labored for like 23 days (ok, only like 36 hours, but still. I was a mess) and I hadn’t had anything to eat except for some water and a sniff of lavender essential oil when I threw up right before I decided I wanted needed WANTED an epidural.

The last thing on your mind as you bring your baby into the world is food. At one point, my dula told me to eat a few almonds and I probably would have rather been in labor for an additional 3 days, at that point. Yuck, FOOD? Absolutely no way.

Anyway, next to the sheer joy and out-of-body bliss that you experience when they set that new babe on your chest, the best moment of my life was the amazing nurses bringing me a menu and telling me to order “whatever I want”.

I couldn’t even wrap my mind around exactly how free to abuse these calories I actually was, so I ordered an oriental chicken salad and a cranberry juice.

All wrong, Corianne.

Next time, I’m doing it right: cheeseburger. Fries. Milkshake. Cheesecake. Chocolate chip cookies. Coke. And maybe even an order of BBQ chicken nachos from the restaurant on the waterfront that I love, a few blocks away.

No food will ever taste better – or be so well deserved – so enjoy it. Abuse it. Live a little.

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