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Life Lessons: Make Hair Day Happen

I love me some hair day. Mamas… make the time. Even if it’s a stretch; save some money on coffee for a couple weeks and go get your hair done. Or, get a facial. Or maybe a massage. Maybe even all three.

Do something for you. You deserve it. It’s so important to invest in ourselves; to make ourselves feel better. This came after a full day being covered in baby vomit, guys… I needed a night off badly. We spend so much time trying to figure out what’s going on inside those little heads that we kiss day in and day out that a few hours with nothing to do but sit back and let someone fix you up is absolute heaven. It helps you to recharge, maybe without even realizing it. 
I had nothing to think about except for which shade of blonde I wanted my ombre to be.
Um, awesome.


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