Happy New Year, I’m Still Alive

(Oh this thing? It’s a blog, Corianne. Something you keep updated somewhat regularly.)


I’m baaaack. Took a much needed holiday hiatus and enjoyed time with my family, as unplugged as possible. It’s so hard when my work requires me to be on a computer, at home, 24/7. Once I’m done with my day, I want to bury the computer in the backyard turn off the computer and not look at it again until I have to.

Christmas was lovely. Porter could care less about presents, was way more into the wrapping paper and empty boxes. A couple of his favorite toys, though, once we got them set up and he could actually play with them: a little red car that I’m pretty sure every baby in the land received, an adorable teepee with a cute little lamp, and a baby grand piano. He jams on that thing like NO ONE’s business.

A downside: we headed out of town the week after Christmas with family, and both kids (Porter, and his 2 year old cousin Amelia) got sick. Like, puking, pooping, coughing, crappy fevers, sick. It really put a damper on our relaxing 5 days away, buuuuut we successfully completed a 1,000 piece puzzle… sooo… yeah, we win.

It’s now January 7th, and I’m attempting to completely change my eating habits… permanently. I’m cutting back on all processed food and sugar, at least Monday – Friday… just being real. This girl needs some cheat days, or else I’ll give up entirely. However, I’ve noticed my cravings are changing… which happens when you start giving your body what it should be getting. You start to crave the right things. Coffee isn’t even tasting good anymore (!!!), I’d much rather have a delicious smoothie.

I’ve been juicing and making smoothies, and I love it — my newest favorite is my grapefruit/orange/pineapple/strawberry juice with a handful of packed spinach. Delicious, and so filling.

Truth be told, we’re starting to discuss thinking about trying for Baby #2 soon… but before that happens, I need to get my body into a much better place. So, we’ll see how the next few months goes… 2014, you’re going to be a fun-filled, fantastic, healthy year.
We’re (getting) ready for you.


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