21DF | Cooking Tip

On the Fix, your teaspoons are like gold.

Peanut butter, or olive oil?
Um. I want all 4 of my allotted teaspoons per day available for peanut butter, please.
When cooking up your veggies, baking your chicken or dressing your salads – I highly recommend these sprays! It cuts down on oil usage SO MUCH – I spray a quick spray of coconut oil over my chicken before it goes in the oven, and, shame on me… I don’t count it as one of my precious teaspoons
Shhh. Don’t tell Autumn.
Spritz the oil in the pan and over your veggies before you cook them. Instead of pouring a teaspoon of EVOO over your salad to mix with your balsamic vinegar, spray your lettuce very lightly with EVOO spray. Far less ham 1tsp, and does the job.
Save those teaspoons for the good stuff, folks.

21DF | Healthy BLT

Just… you’re welcome. I could eat this every day for lunch.
1 Whole Grain Tortilla
Your green of choice (romaine, spinach, arugula)
4 slices of turkey bacon

For the MAYO =
Plain Greek yogurt + onion powder + garlic powder + sea salt + fresh cracked pepper + a tiny bit of whole grain mustard + a splash of white wine vinegar (or balsamic… whatever you have! Try anything for a fun-flavored mayo) + any other seasoning you’d like. Get creative and experiment a bit.

Spread 1tb of the mayo onto the tortilla, cover with your lettuce of choice, two slices of tomato, and 4 slices of bacon. I usually use 2 slices of bacon for my wrap, and then eat the other 2 straight 😉

21 Day Fix Totals: 1 Yellow + 1 Green + 1 Blue + 1 Red

21DF | A Sample Weekly Menu

Please be advised – these daily options are not my exact allotment of containers. I realize that may not be the most helpful for you, but I wanted to post this sooner rather than waiting for the entire next week to pass so I can write things down exactly as I eat them. So, take this with a grain of perfectly measured/allotted sea salt 😉


If you are a real human, and accept a dinner invitation with friends – I will be posting more about that next week – including some ideas on what to order so you don’t blow all the hard work that you’ve done.

Items I prepare on Sundays: I hardboil a dozen eggs, cook up about 2lbs of ground turkey, and prepare an entire bag of quinoa.

Breakfast: 1 piece of Dave’s Bread toast, 1/4 avocado, Tapatio, sea salt + pepper
1 Yellow (toast)
1 Blue (1/4 avocado)

Snack: 2 hardboiled eggs – cut in half and season with fresh pepper + sea salt and HOT SAUCE
1 Red (2 eggs)

Lunch: Bistro Bowl — Salad green of choice, ground turkey, brown rice or quinoa, second green/veggie of choice (sauteed onion or mushroom, chopped yellow pepper, cherry tomatoes). Season with s+p, balsamic vinegar and HOT SAUCE. Or, just hot sauce if I’m sick of vinegar for the day.
2 Green (one container of salad, and another container of additional veggie(s) for salad)
1 Red (turkey)
1 Yellow (brown rice or quinoa)

Snack: This is the snack I forget most often. I need to be better at grabbing some greek yogurt/granola (1 Red, 1 Yellow) or some hummus/celery or peppers (1 Blue, 1 Green) or half a banana (1 Purple). Those are some delicious, easy snacks to add to your day! What I choose depends on what containers I’m lacking for the day after lunch!

Dinner: SSS (Steak + Sweet potatoes + Salad) – my hubby BBQs some lean steak, and I chop up a sweet potato and cook with a little EVOO, s+p + garlic until browned and a little crispy. You can add some onion too, if you want. Then I make us a side salad: I love arugula, mushrooms & some s+p+balsamic! For fun, grab some whole grain mustard to dip your sweet potato hash in, or throw some chopped nuts or seeds (1 orange) or some parmesan cheese (1 blue) Yum!
1 Red (Steak)
1 Yellow (Sweet Potato)
2 Green (Arugula, mushrooms, onion)

Post Workout//Late Night Snack: Shakeology
1 scoop + 10oz water, 3tsp peanut butter, frozen strawberries
1 Red (Shakeology)
1 Purple (Berries)
3tsp (PB)

Breakfast: 1 piece of Dave’s Bread toast, drizzle of raw honey (since we’re allowed to add this to our coffee sometimes, I decide to add it to my toast instead)
1 Yellow (toast)

Snack: 1 banana, 2 hardboiled eggs
1 Purple
1 Red

Lunch: Brown Rice Pasta, cooked/seasoned mushrooms & asparagus in 1 tsp EVOO, and parmesan cheese.
1 Green (mushrooms/asparagus)
1 Yellow (brown rice pasta)
1 Tsp (EVOO)
1 Blue (cheese)

Snack: Greek yogurt + fresh raspberries
1 Red (Greek Yogurt)
1 Purple (Fruit)

Dinner: Chicken Quinoa Chili
2 Red (Chicken, Black Beans)
1 Yellow (Quoinoa)
1 Green (Fresh, organic diced tomatoes)
Lots of fresh seasoning – salt, pepper, garlic, onion powder, cayenne, chili powder, etc
This cooks in the crockpot all day – I don’t measure this, but I always eat 1 bowl and just assume these are how many containers it represents. I add a dollop of plain Greek yogurt on top, too. Refrigerates great for leftovers tomorrow!

Post Workout//Late Night Snack: Shakeology
1 scoop + 10oz water, 3tsp peanut butter, frozen strawberries
1 Red (Shakeology)
1 Purple (Berries)
3tsp (PB)

Breakfast: Coffee (Oops… no food. I really need to remember breakfast)

Snack: 2 hardboiled eggs, a handful of raw kale, hot sauce, salt/pepper, brown rice.
Roughly mash with a fork until it’s all mixed up together!
1 Red
1 Green
1 Yellow

Lunch: Leftover Chicken Quinoa Chili
2 Red (Chicken, Black Beans)
1 Yellow (Quoinoa)
1 Green (Fresh, organic diced tomatoes)

Snack: Avocado Toast
1 Yellow
1 Blue

Dinner: BBQ Salmon w/lemon and thyme, brown rice, and Brussel Sprouts & Kale
1 Red
1 Yellow
2 Green

Post Workout//Late Night Snack: Shakeology
1 scoop + 10oz water, 3tsp peanut butter, frozen strawberries
1 Red (Shakeology)
1 Purple (Berries)
3tsp (PB)

Breakfast: Steel-cut oatmeal mixed with 1 packet stevia + pure vanilla extract, 1 banana
1 Yellow
2 Purple

Snack: Shakeology

Lunch: Brussel Sprouts & Kale, sautéed with fresh garlic and oregano over quinoa & 2 poached eggs and lots of hot sauce.
This is my favorite lunch!
2 Green
1 Yellow
1 Red

Snack: Strawberries, afternoon coffee (black w/a splash of almond milk, a couple drops of chocolate stevia)
1 Purple

Dinner: Spaghetti with Spinach Salad
I use quinoa noodles, organic marinara (or you can easily make your own – tomato, garlic, oregano, some evoo in the blender!), ground turkey. Serve your spinach salad with a another veggie of choice – I love mushrooms – and dress with balsamic vinegar or lemon and EVOO.
1 Yellow
1 Red
2 Green

Snack: 6 chocolate covered almonds,
1 Blue

Post Workout//Late Night Snack: Shakeology
1 scoop + 10oz water, 3tsp peanut butter, frozen strawberries
1 Red (Shakeology)
1 Purple (Berries)
3tsp (PB)

Breakfast: Coffee, Banana
1 Purple

Snack: 3 slices of turkey, 1 hardboiled egg, toast, blackberries/raspberries
Clearly, I am not always a chef. I just grab healthy snacks about 10 minutes apart and that is my “mid morning snack attack”.
1 Red
1 Yellow
1 Purple

Lunch: Avocado “Creme” Pasta
1 small avocado, blended with 3 cloves of garlic, a handful of fresh basil, 2tb EVOO, and the juice of 1 small lemon. Serve over your favorite brown rice, quinoa or whole grain pasta. I usually throw a veggie in there too, like chopped raw kale or steamed broccoli on the side.
1 Yellow
1 Blue
1 Tsp
1 Green

Snack: Oops. I usually forget! Fridays are hard because I’m so focused on TGIF!

Dinner: OUT TO DINNER – or –

Breakfast bowls! 2 poached eggs, spinach, sweet potato hash, cilantro/lime quinoa, caramelized onion. Mix it all together and top with… hot sauce! 😉
2 Yellow
2 Red
1/2 Green

Post Workout//Late Night Snack: Shakeology
1 scoop + 10oz water, 3tsp peanut butter, frozen strawberries
1 Red (Shakeology)
1 Purple (Berries)
3tsp (PB)

And since you have your meals down, I’ve discovered that buying new workout gear keeps me motivated for my at home gym life. All of these finds are under $100… what are some of your favorites?

21DF | Brussels & Kale

I was grossed out by brussel sprouts when I was a kid, until the one time my dad sautéed them in maple syrup, and then I was all “VEGGIES ARE AMAZING!”

Nice try, dad. Good game.

I bought some brussels at Costco after a couple of my favorite health food bloggers raved about them; I knew I couldn’t douse them in maple syrup on the Fix, so I prayed that a little olive oil would magically do trick.

It’s not quite syrup, but it was freaking delicious. I’m a fan. Newly converted, but a fan nonetheless. Try it for your next lunch. It was so filling, and but didn’t leave me feeling heavy at all.

Brussel Sprouts
Fresh garlic, chopped
Olive oil, sea salt, cracked black pepper + oregano
Topped with a few sesame seeds, for fun 😉

Sautée chopped garlic in a dash of olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano over medium heat until tender and slightly browned. Add brussel sprouts and keep cooking. Once you start to see crispy brown edges on the brussel sprouts, add lots of kale and a a few tablespoons of water (just to create some steam). Add some more oregano, pepper and sea salt to taste (I love my seasoning) 😉 Cover, and let cook until kale is soft. Top with some sesame seeds and serve hot!

21 Day Fix Totals: 2 Green

21DF | Avocado Toast

This has been a favorite breakfast of mine as of late! Although – how annoying is it that avocados go bad so fast. Ugh. Loathe entirely. This photo I saw on Pinterest killed me, because it’s OH SO TRUE.

I toast the bread lightly, and then just add the rest of the ingredients to the top. It’s filling and amazing on its own, but you can always add eggs or another protein to make this a well-rounded breakfast option! Some of my favorite options: 2 poached eggs, or 4 slices of turkey bacon (both equal 1 Red)

1 slice of Dave’s Bread
1/4 avocado, mashed
A few sundried red peppers, packed in water
Tapatio | Sea Salt | Pepper

21 Day Fix Totals1 Yellow + 1 Blue

I’m having my pasta, and eating it too.

If anyone is interested in ordering, 21 Day Fix is back ordered 2-4 weeks – BUT – that is actually a lot better than it’s been! You won’t be charged until your order processes and your Fix ships, so don’t fret.

Here’s the link – excited to grow this team and get us on the fast track to HAPPY, HEALTHY BODIES. Summer is coming fast!

I got a lot of messages today about the Fix, so I thought I would reiterate some things: this program takes dedication. It takes hard work, and it takes commitment. You get out what you put in. That being said, I’ve always been the first person to back off or make excuses, and I didn’t allow that to be an option this time.

It wasn’t even a temptation, because I liked what I saw each and every morning. I’ve seen results. GOOD results. Lifelong results – I understand portion control, I understand the components of well-rounded meal – so, even when I’m not “on the Fix”, I can make great decisions and maintain these results. Without cutting out my beloved carbs and swearing off cheese.

I’m having my pasta, and eating it too. And you should be, too!



I’ve seen a few people with these accounts, and I think they’re fun! You can ask me anything – anonymously, or with your personal info – and I’ll answer! You can even fill out the form here on my blog and ask without traveling to another site. Easy!

Have fun, and be nice.

Lemon & Thyme BBQ Salmon with Truffled Balsamic Caprese Salad

Paul and I are on the second round of the 21 Day Fix, which has been amazing. But frankly, on Sunday evening we were a little tired of chicken, ground turkey, tacos, quinoa, wraps, salads and steaks. I was wanting something totally different tonight for dinner to mix it up, so we ran out and grabbed some Sockeye Salmon to throw on the BBQ.

It was a gorgeous spring day in Washington; clear blue skies and 70 degrees. Perfect grilling weather.

We seasoned the fish with a little EVOO, some sea salt and cracked pepper, fresh thyme and sliced lemon. Grill (skin side down) for 10-15 minutes – or until the meat becomes flakey and the fatty/white stuff surfaces. (I’m not a professional, clearly… if you know salmon, you know what I’m talking about). The skin will be crispy and delicious, just how it should be – and fresh thyme is seriously the best part of the whole dish.

We paired the fish it with our own Caprese salad: sliced vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh low-moisture mozzarella, and locally grown basil (they were the largest leaves I’ve ever seen, with such a true flavor. I love shopping local!!).

The best part? Instead of spending time slaving over the stove on my own balsamic reduction (ugh, takes foreverrrrrrrr), I decided to check the aisle for a pre-made reduction. I’d seen friends use these reductions before, and I wanted to check the ingredients to see if it could work for us tonight… I needed clean and basic. I found one that got me really excited: all-natural truffle balsamic glaze. No added anything. I’m a sucker for all things truffle, so into the cart it went.

Doesn’t this just look perfect!? It was delicious, too. We put the iPod on John Mayer and enjoyed ourselves a little candlelight dinner on the back porch. 🙂 Such a great day!
Add this to your line-up, friends! You won’t be disappointed.


What if you had a year to travel, no budget or limitation? We have a fun email string at work each Friday (hence, called Fun Friday) where we ask general questions and read everyone’s cool, non-work related answer. For a virtual office, it’s nice to get to know everyone a bit more those way

The question this last week was “if you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?”

I found myself thinking long and hard about where I’d wand to visit the most, which place I’d want to check off my Bucket List first… and I couldn’t just pick one. So, in true Corianne fashion (I’m the world’s most indecisive person ever), I changed the rules to fit me so I could not leave any stone unturned. I pretended that I had unlimited funds, and a full year dedicated to bouncing around the globe.

Here’s where I would go, for one month at a time:

1. Greece (Blue Caves, Zakynthos Island). I’ve always loved looking at photos of Greece, and recently found this picture of something called the Blue Caves. STUNNING.
Inline image 1
2. Dubai. Extravagance at it’s best. Why not.
Inline image 2
3. Thailand – because Tina, eating pad thai on the beach is literally my idea of heaven.
Inline image 3
4. Tuscany – because I would eat my way through this entire country, and why not start in Tuscany. Lush, sprawling wineries, rolling countryside as far as the eye can see? Yep.
Inline image 4
5. Scotland (Fairy Pools at the Top, Isle of Skye). Because BRAVE. Merida. Just, yes… one of the best Disney movies… truly, Scotland seems perfect.
Inline image 6
6. Maldives. There’s an underwater hotel that I would really love to see, but could never stay there. The rest of the island doesn’t look too shabby either.
Inline image 12
7. Australia (Whitehaven Beach, Great Barrier Reef). This photo below is Whitehaven Beach. RIGHT??? Seriously swooning over here. I almost couldn’t decide on a photo to include from Google Images because they all looked just so erfect.
Inline image 5
8. Paris, in the winter. Nothing is more magical to me than the City of Lights under falling snow. I’m an ambiance girl, and this just does it for me.
Inline image 8
9. Ireland (The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland). SO PRETTY. This feels like an absolute fairytale.
Inline image 7
10. Lake Louise (Alberta, Canada – Fairmont Chateau Hotel). Don’t judge me, but I first saw this place on The Bachelorette. *wide eyed, blank-staring emoticon*. I Googled it, and added it to my Bucket List immediately. The color of that water is unreal.
Inline image 9
11. Cottage in Surrey, England – yep, from The Holiday. Quaint and cozy, just like I love it.
Inline image 10
12. Christmas in NYC… because this is the most attainable, and because like I said previously, I’m an ambiance girl. I feel like Christmas in NYC is a must for me.
Inline image 11

21 Day Fix – Round 1

21 Day Fix was incredible. Paul and I finished up round 1 on March 30th, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled with my results. Down 10lbs overall, and minus 16 inches from all around my body!? I’d been losing it in the places I wanted the most – legs, waist, hips, chest – and not just because I was dropping water weight… because once ounce at a time, I was sculpting and changing my body for good.

What I really should have measured was my face. No, seriously. All of a sudden, I have a feminine, defined chin. Where did that come from?

December 2013 vs March 2014
I look like a different person, right?

We decided to take a week off before beginning Round 2. During this week, we ate what we wanted, but we didn’t overindulge at all (ok, maybe once or twice). I stayed mindful of my portions, but I stopped downing entire bottles of water in one breath and measuring out teaspoons of olive oil to cook with. It was a nice breather, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t notice an immediate change in my body and my energy levels. You truly ARE what you eat.

All that to say, Paul and I are so excited to be jumping in to Round 2 today! We went grocery shopping last night, I did some prepping (made/peeled hardboiled eggs for quick protein/snack, cooked an entire bag of quinoa and 2+ lbs of ground turkey for salads/wraps, etc), and I sucked down my last iced white mocha from my favorite coffee shop in record time. I couldn’t stomach a cheat-dinner, because I had a cheat-lunch and felt like absolute crap all night.

Paul and I are also using these days of structure to fill ourselves FULL of what God wants to fill us with – His word, prayers together, time with no phones, reading books, talking, growing, and loving as a couple. This 21 Day Fix is way more than a diet for us – it’s a complete and total life overhaul. It’s a process – a process that is becoming more habitual each week – but it’s nice to stay focused and know that this isn’t an overnight change. It takes a conscious effort and we’re in it to win it.

And now, IT BEGINS AGAIN! If you’d like to join in with us for Round 3 – you have to order your 21 Day Fix now, so you’ll get it in time. Visit my site to order (oh yeah, I’m a coach now!), or email me at corianneburton (at) gmail (dot) com. My site is http://www.beachbodycoach.com/esuite/home/CorianneBurton#

I’m happy to help you with meal planning, check in with you on your workouts, and answer any/all questions you have. I truly love this program, and I’m happy to take people along on this journey with me.