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Lemon & Thyme BBQ Salmon with Truffled Balsamic Caprese Salad

Paul and I are on the second round of the 21 Day Fix, which has been amazing. But frankly, on Sunday evening we were a little tired of chicken, ground turkey, tacos, quinoa, wraps, salads and steaks. I was wanting something totally different tonight for dinner to mix it up, so we ran out and grabbed some Sockeye Salmon to throw on the BBQ.

It was a gorgeous spring day in Washington; clear blue skies and 70 degrees. Perfect grilling weather.

We seasoned the fish with a little EVOO, some sea salt and cracked pepper, fresh thyme and sliced lemon. Grill (skin side down) for 10-15 minutes – or until the meat becomes flakey and the fatty/white stuff surfaces. (I’m not a professional, clearly… if you know salmon, you know what I’m talking about). The skin will be crispy and delicious, just how it should be – and fresh thyme is seriously the best part of the whole dish.

We paired the fish it with our own Caprese salad: sliced vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh low-moisture mozzarella, and locally grown basil (they were the largest leaves I’ve ever seen, with such a true flavor. I love shopping local!!).

The best part? Instead of spending time slaving over the stove on my own balsamic reduction (ugh, takes foreverrrrrrrr), I decided to check the aisle for a pre-made reduction. I’d seen friends use these reductions before, and I wanted to check the ingredients to see if it could work for us tonight… I needed clean and basic. I found one that got me really excited: all-natural truffle balsamic glaze. No added anything. I’m a sucker for all things truffle, so into the cart it went.

Doesn’t this just look perfect!? It was delicious, too. We put the iPod on John Mayer and enjoyed ourselves a little candlelight dinner on the back porch. 🙂 Such a great day!
Add this to your line-up, friends! You won’t be disappointed.


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