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M•A•C Attack!

Today we spent some time wandering around the lamest mall in my state (seriously), and I took advantage of being the only girl in our little family of three and escaped to the Mac store while my boys looked at hats (snooooooooooze).

I meant to just go in to buy Ruby Woo, really, I did.

But I was the only one in the store, and I caught a glimpse of myself in one of the brightly lit and terribly unflattering mirrors (you guys know that they do this on purpose, right? Those mirrors are formulated to make anything other than a Mac-encrusted face look absolutely awful). My dark circles were screaming, even under a layer of Loreal TrueMatch and NYC Bronzer… I know. I’m a walking drugstore-makeup-billboard.

I needed to fix this.

I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about their Pro Longwear Concealer, so I caved and made friends with the Mac girl. She nodded knowingly when I mentioned “dark circles” and “new mom”, and pulled me over to a seat where she showed me the miraculous concealer.

As she dabbed it under my eyes and I watched in fascination … the dark circles faded away within seconds. It’s now four hours later, and they are still nowhere to be seen. Can I get an AMEN? I got so excited she cleaned off my whole face and applied a full face of concealer and foundation.

This is a bathroom selfie I took during Porter’s bath time (don’t worry, he was safe. Calm down, Mom Police). I’m wearing nothing but some concealer, and some foundation — and this is about four hours after the initial application.

Oh yeah. I also bought the foundation because I was so thrilled with the concealer. I was all “gimme allllllll the products”!

I probably would have bought more, but Paul and Porter showed up from the hat store and I had to stop. 🙁

My Mac Haul
Pro Longwear Foundation — NC20 (aka PALE)
Ruby Woo Retro Matte Lipstick (not shown)
Cherry Lip Pencil (not shown)

What else should I buy on my next “I just need to pick up one lipstick” outing?


  • Taylor Wintle

    Pro Longwear concealer is the bomb!! I've used it for forever now and there is really nothing else that compares! I also have the foundation but I only use it when I do a major full face makeup look (yup I have different looks, haha!) because its a little too heavy for everyday use. Next trip you should try the mineralized blush. Its like a blush/bronzer combo so it has like a gorgeous gold shimmer and its a 2 in 1 so its pretty much amazing! 😉

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