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    Currently In The Oven

    This: Roasted Pepper & Eggplant Marinara It’s way, way, waaaay too hot to be roasting vegetables and garlic and eating pasta, right? Wrong. Shame on you. It’s NEVER too hot for pasta. NEVER. I watched Rachael Ray make this this morning as I was getting ready for church, and I was sold. So, currently, I’m waiting for my garlic and eggplant to finish roasting, sweating like… something that sweats a lot (the only thing I could think of was an inappropriate example). Review coming soon!

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    Make Yourself A List

    Write it down.Do something for you, today. Take a breather. Plan out your meals. Inspire. Fix what’s ailing you. Write it down.Dream your dreams, but list your goals. Call your mother. Compliment a stranger. Write it down. You make grocery lists and honey-do lists… but why not make a list for yourself, of completely random things that could improve the heart of your day? Leave a handwritten note. Read your Bible and memorize a verse. Drink a bottle of water. Print out pictures. Before you forget, write it down.