Currently In The Oven


It’s way, way, waaaay too hot to be roasting vegetables and garlic and eating pasta, right?

Wrong. Shame on you. It’s NEVER too hot for pasta. NEVER.

I watched Rachael Ray make this this morning as I was getting ready for church, and I was sold. So, currently, I’m waiting for my garlic and eggplant to finish roasting, sweating like… something that sweats a lot (the only thing I could think of was an inappropriate example).

Review coming soon!

Make Yourself A List

Write it down.

Do something for you, today. Take a breather. Plan out your meals. Inspire. Fix what’s ailing you.

Write it down.

Dream your dreams, but list your goals. Call your mother. Compliment a stranger.

Write it down.

You make grocery lists and honey-do lists… but why not make a list for yourself, of completely random things that could improve the heart of your day?

Leave a handwritten note. Read your Bible and memorize a verse. Drink a bottle of water. Print out pictures.

Before you forget, write it down.