Q&A a Day

I bought this for Christmas (for myself, haha) and I’m so excited to keep this up.

In the land of technological takeover, it’s weird and somewhat exciting to buy a handwritten keepsake. I’m excited to give this to my boys someday. I know that I loved reading my mom’s words… she had a journal like this that she was filling out for me and my sister. It talked about her childhood, growing up, her feelings. I used to sneak into her bedroom and pull it off the shelf to see if she’d updated it at all. She didn’t write in it too often, but I always held out hope that there would be a new entry. Something about the swirly printed writing was so comforting.

I hope she still has the book and has been secretly updating to give to me someday. I would love to have that as a keepsake, and although boys are assumed to be a little less sentimental abut stuff like this, I know Paul would cherish a possession like this… so I’m sure our boys will be the same way!

2015 Resolutions

Resolutions are soooooo early 2000’s.

But seriously, I don’t make resolutions. Maybe because I can never keep them, but this year I’ve officially changed my outlook on them. I saw a photo of a girl that went to her favorite grocery store to stock up on her greens (she’s a health/food blogger, so this wasn’t a “resolution” for her) and the store was COMPLETELY OUT OF SALAD.

Out of salad.

How is that even possible?

Oh, I know. Because everyone and their mom vows to get healthy as a new year dawns?

That’s what I hate. I know it’s just the sense of a “starting point” that people need. Heck, I start a new “clean eating plan”… every Monday 😉 But, I do it every Monday of every week of the entire year (minus a few weeks where I do what I want because, for example, I’m 58 weeks pregnant). But we would be so much more fulfilled if we picked a goal for the year, and worked crazily toward it for 52 weeks straight.

I decided my goal this year is going to be purpose.

I want to live a life of purpose. I want my words, actions and plans to be on purpose. I don’t want to stumble into anything if I can help it; I want to measure my actions and then set out with ambition and intent.

I want to plan my meals… on purpose. So I don’t just get overwhelmed and call for thai food all week, instead.

I want to rock my baby to sleep and pray with him after we sing a few songs… purposefully. I don’t want to pray when I remember, or when I need one more thing to do before his eyes get heavy enough that I can set him down. I want to be purposeful and intentional in our bedtime routine, because I want him to remember that “mama prayed” when he’s sixteen, seventeen, eighteen years old.

I want to be purposeful in my marriage. I want to go out of my way to speak positive, life-giving words to my husband – because I know that is what builds him up. I want to intentionally plan dates and time together, so it doesn’t just get set aside in light of our busy lives. With purpose, I can combat any obstacle that gets thrown in our path. If I’m living intentionally, our path will be carved out and clear.

What about you?

What is your plan for 2015?