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I bought this for Christmas (for myself, haha) and I’m so excited to keep this up.

In the land of technological takeover, it’s weird and somewhat exciting to buy a handwritten keepsake. I’m excited to give this to my boys someday. I know that I loved reading my mom’s words… she had a journal like this that she was filling out for me and my sister. It talked about her childhood, growing up, her feelings. I used to sneak into her bedroom and pull it off the shelf to see if she’d updated it at all. She didn’t write in it too often, but I always held out hope that there would be a new entry. Something about the swirly printed writing was so comforting.

I hope she still has the book and has been secretly updating to give to me someday. I would love to have that as a keepsake, and although boys are assumed to be a little less sentimental abut stuff like this, I know Paul would cherish a possession like this… so I’m sure our boys will be the same way!

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