Thursday Check-In | March 5, 2015

– Porter fell off the bed last night. So, there’s that.

– Early morning nursing session with Simon, he fell asleep quickly after one side, and I thought for sure I was in the clear to sneak back into bed for a few minutes. Picked him up to move him, and wait, what’s that? Oh, just a MAJOR BLOWOUT that required a change of clothing and a spongebath. Now I’m wide awake, he is passed out, and I am sitting at my computer starting my workday.

– Got my newest shipment of oils, eeeeeeee. Oil day is quickly becoming my favorite – lavender and melecula on repeat (I run out of them he fastest), and this month I am trying geranium and grapefruit.  Next order, I think I need to replenish my frank, and I think I want to try rosemary or clove.

– It’s HAIR DAY. Fighting the urge to chop it off. …it grows back, right?

– Watching some show on HGTV right now that is showing amazing homes from around the world; I am currently lusting over one in Los Cabos, Mexico. I want to goooooooooo. Friendcation needs to happen, stat.

– Can’t stop playing Trivia Crack, you guys. It’s bad. I’m not even good, but I just feel like I’m miraculously going to know all there is to know about the Periodic Table of Elements, and when all the wars started and stopped. You know which questions I never miss, though? Entertainment questions about the Kardashian or Taylor Swift. #merica

Our drive last night from Tacoma to Bellevue – that MOON. Porter would have been in heaven.

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