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Fair Daze

What do I love about the fair?

I think the easier question is: what DON’T I love about the fair (people. The answer is people. People in massive, ignorant crowds wearing stuff they shouldn’t be wearing, smoking cigarette where they shouldn’t be smoking them, and being otherwise oblivious to the world around them). But THE FAIR in general is everything. It’s the mark of the end of summer, and the pending transition to fall – my favorite transition of all. It’s temperatures dipping into “sweater weather”, and rain boots being dusted off. It’s the smell of hay and sawdust and bright, colorful lights. It’s people selling Vitamixes, massage chairs, lotion made from magical fairy dusty, and homemade wooden signs in the Expo Hall. It’s disgusting foods like deep-fries Twinkies (I definitely refuse to order. Even I have limits), weird foods like turkey legs, and classic foods like corn on the cob (but smothered in hot sauce and dusted with parmesan cheese) It’s the only place you can order ice cream, and then walk through a booth that shows you how germ-filled your hands are. I MEAN. Education.

Close to number one on the list of LOVE, for me, are Krusty Pups. There is something about a fresh fair corn dog that is SO nostalgic. As you can see, I’m still working on Porter. He took a few bites, but he turned up his cute little nose at my offer to dip it in mustard (I know, who’s kid is this?) and requested ketchup with french fries, instead.

The breading is sweet, and the best part about the whole thing is the crispy, burnt bottom that you have to bite off the stick. SOME OF YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. And some of you are clicking off my page and increasing my bounce rate. Whatever. You’re probably the same monsters that turn up your nose at burnt cheese.

ANYWAY. We went on opening day this year, and I’m hoping to go back one more time before it heads out of town. Porter and his buddy Lincoln rode all the rides and were in heaven. It was hotter than hades, and Simon was miserable in the Ergo – but Porter fell in love.

I totally get Sillyville now. It’s the kids area at our state fair that I used to avoid like the plague because EW KIDS. But now? It’s totally magical when you have kids of your own. Within minutes, they are a cowboy riding a pony, a pilot flying a helicopter, a train conductor, and a bird sailing down the huge slide faster than they’ve ever gone before. Their little imaginations run wild, and for only the lofty price of a few tickets.

These are my favorite times, for sure. What are your favorite fair memories?

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