Product Testing: Tubby Todd, and Muchison-Hume

COMING SOON: Murchison-Hume (Natural Cleaning Products), and Tubby Todd. I can’t wait to post my reviews. I have heard nothing but amazing things about both of these companies and products, and have orders in to both companies to try them out.

I ordered:

All-Purpose Cleaner in Original Fig
I am trying hard to slowly transition my family into all-natural bath, cleaning and beauty products. It’s so much harder than it seems. EVERYTHING has something terrible in it, so I’m doing research and just finding one thing to change each month. Right now, we use Honest bath products – and if I’m being honest (ha), I don’t love the smell of the ones available in our area. I’m a sucker for the Johnson & Johnson lavender bath, which sucks – because ALL THE CHEMICALS. Yuck. However, my nose hasn’t caught up with my mind yet, and it’s missing the strong, sweet, soothing aroma of those poisonous products. Haha. I’ve heard Tubby Todd smells great, and lathers even better. So, I’ll see what we think 🙂
I’ve also read some new articles about Honest being “not so natural” in some of their products (dang it, Jessica Alba) and that doesn’t thrill me. I don’t know if it’s true, entirely, but… why not use this time to start “shopping small”? The products are the same price, and I love the heart behind Tubby Todd. Andrea is a real mama who pursued a passion and is making it happen. And Murchison-Hume was developed when a mother’s son developed allergies and sensitivities to standard household cleaning products, and she made it her mission to make something safe and natural that worked. It’s so inspiring, and reminds me that instead of complaining, we can be apart of the solution. These women are all about the solution, and I’m happy to support that.
STAY TUNED! Reviews coming soon.

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