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Frosted Fingers

One of the best parts about being a mom is learning how to be the fun mom.

Porter and I made a cake. A chocolate cake, with milk chocolate frosting. He was beside himself with joy, but I explained to him that we couldn’t frost the cake until the cake was totally cool.

“Cool? I cool, mom!” (We always tell him how cool he is – when he dresses himself, or uses his imagination, or keeps a really great beat on his drums).

“Yes, Porter, you are SO cool. But I mean, like, we can’t put frosting on the cake when it’s warm because the frosting will slide off.”

“Into my mouf? Frosting will swide off into my mouf? Dats ok mom!”

“No, no… onto the floor. It would probably slide off onto the floor. And that would make us so sad, right?”

“I lick it off da floor, mommy.”

Me too, son. Me too.

So, we waited for a painfully long time before the cake was cool. Then, I sat him up on the counter and began to spread the chocolate frosting around the top of the cake. His little fingers were shaking, and I watched him swipe little bits of frosting as I turned the plate… And I didn’t admonish him. I just smiled and smoothed out the dents.

Then I let him eat a big mouthful of frosting off the knife (a butter knife, it’s ok. I‘m fun, not murderous). He kept dragging his finger across the side of the cake as I turned it, and I kept smiling at his not-so-secretive efforts to sneak frosting and smoothing it over.

He got so excited when we were done, he ran into the living room to announce to everyone the the “CAKE WAS READDDYYYYYYY!” And then he split a slice with his dad, and gazed at this dessert so lovingly. He was so proud of the process.

I hope I’m always the mom that doesn’t hesitate to let down my hair so that my kids can eat the frosting with their fingers. In a world where structure is king and rules are rules and omg that’s not vegan/gluten-free/of the earth/free of preservatives and colors and BPA will keep you up at night, it was great to let Porter have a little fun without worrying that I was a total failure.

I try pretty hard every other day, but indulging with the littles is truly the ultimate treat for the soul. Try it this weekend: eat some frosting from your fingers, have a bowl of cereal for dinner, split a milkshake, let them top their ice cream with whatever they want, and think of us!

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