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I’m Dreaming Of Carbs

I had a really vivid dream last night about being on vacation, and at the end of the vacation, I was floating in some turquoise blue water, kidless, because they were napping in our little bungalow. I came in and out with the waves, the sand was really velvety soft and white, and the water was so clear I could see to the bottom.

Img Source: Ambitious Kitchen

ANYWAY, the point of this post. When I was done frolicking in the water, I told my friend Jen I was going to make some zucchini bread. So random. I never eat any sort of dessert-y bread, because if I’m gonna have some dessert, it’s gonna be flourless chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and nutella somewhere in there, as well.

So, then I woke up, and all I could think about was zucchini bread. Mom’s classic zucchini bread. This lemon raspberry zucchini bread (yes, I’ve been on Pinterest because I am making this happen). Or this fall-inspired pumpkin chocolate chip zucchini bread. And wait, am I reading this right – it’s actually healthy? YUS. Trying this one immediately.

Does anyone have a failsafe recipe for amazing zucchini or banana bread that they want to link me to? I’m sitting here drinking coffee and wishing so bad that I had a loaf slice of sticky, sweet, dense-but-light zucchini bread to enjoy along with it. I know it’s random, but how good does that sound right now?

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