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Last Minute Boy Gifts

Last year, I did all my Christmas shopping online, and it was amazing. This year, I’m slacking… but I’ve been spending a good portion of my Saturday looking online for some great deals, and found these purchases for Porter and Simon that I’m excited about.

Step2® Little Helper’s Grocery CartTM • Step2 • $42.99
Porter is obsessed with “shopping”. We went to the North Pole for Santa pictures last weekend, and they had a store set up where you could shop for food, complete with carts and all. He wanted to take the cart everywhere! Our new house will be all hardwoods, so he can push this thing around all his heart desires.

Vintage-Style Food Grocery Box • $40
Because you need adorable groceries for the cart, of course. That cute little loaf of artisan-looking french bread!? I die.

Wooden Fruit Set • Pottery Barn Kids • $19.20
This will hopefully distract P from wanting to use a real knife.

Paw Patrol Paw Patroller • $75.99
Paw Patrol. ‘Nuf said.

Star Wars ‘Stormtrooper’ Rib Knit Beanie (Big Boys) • Star Wars • $24
Porter loves him some Star Wars. Can’t wait until he actually cares about the movie with his dad, and not just stabbing people with a Light Saber.

Melissa and Doug Toy, Fishing Magnetic Puzzle Game • Melissa & Doug • $9.99
This might be a little too advanced for Simon right now, but maybe not for long… I would love to help him with his hand eye coordination as soon as possible. And I LOVE the quality of Melissa & Doug toys!

Wooden Story Wooden Rainbow Stacker • $32
Solid wood for Si Si! Great for those new little teeth coming in.

Discovery Kids Toy, Laptop Computer • $29.99
For Simon, because he is constantly wanting to attack my laptop and I need him to just have his own… for under $30.


  • Corianne Burton

    Hi there! So, I checked both Target and Amazon when I made this list; Amazon was $77-80 when I pulled it up, and Target had nothing available to order online?! So weird. So, that's why I went with Kohls (kinda the point of this post, too: ordering online). I like to avoid the holiday crowds. I went to Target today, and I'm pretty sure I almost died. Haha

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