2016: A Year Of Growth

It’s January 20th, and my life is about to get crazy. So much is changing – much that is dragging me outside of my comfort zone. I went out on a limb, I prayed, and I took a plunge. I’m continuing to pray that my jump works out in my favor… right now, I feel a lot of anxiety, excitement, and just a slight twinge of fear. But, that’s pretty typical when you change up everything familiar, right?

I’ve done this is in the past. I’ve leapt, and it’s always worked out in my favor. In fact, so many blessinga have stemmed from my big and scary leaps of faith… so, I’m counting on this to be the case, again. This wasn’t a leap I was planning on taking, but God’s been good to me. He knows what I need, He knows what I deserve, He knows what I work for every single day.

We’re talking on “Onward” in church, and my life right now seriously couldn’t be more of a perfect depiction of this message. I’m writing this down to remember. So that, months from now, I can write a follow-up post and reference this mid-January message while reflecting on all of the GOOD THINGS that will come our way in the next few weeks.

Until then… pray with me! For continued favor, ease, peace and FUN.

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