Easter Basket Inspiration – Little Boy Edition

Easter is coming up, and Paul and I are going to do something we have never done before: we’re going to spend some time putting together thoughtful Easter baskets for the boys, rather than running out the night before to buy chocolate and cheap candy.

I know, I know. A Pinterest mom, I am not. It only took me 3 years to get motivated enough to want to do something a little strategic.

I was inspired by my friend Misty to look around and put together a little “Easter inspiration” board for little boys. Now, don’t worry – I’m not necessarily going to go spend $50 on a stackable toy that I can find cheaper at Target (but ugh, how beautiful is that). These are just ideas for me (and you!) if you need them.

Books, bubble bath, blocks, surprise eggs (Thanks, YouTube), sunglasses, stamps, plush toys… there are so many options for fun baskets that DON’T encourage early onset diabetes. Porter is OBSESSED with the new movie, The Good Dinosaur, so we’re thinking of centering his basket around that… maybe with his own copy of the movie, a book/coloring book, or an Arlo stuffed animal.

Sidenote: every time Porter gets his little paws on some candy, I cringe a little. I know, it’s so mean of me… but I want him to always remember that candy is a treat, not a way of life. Lately, it’s all I can do to get him to eat actual food for dinner, and not sneak Pez under the table.

When we build their baskets this week, I’ll include a few pieces of something sugar-y, of course… I’m not a total jerk. But, I love the idea of putting together a fun basket with toys that encourage a little physical activity.

Also, as an even bigger sidenote: baskets, toys and candy are fun for us, but we all know and talk about the real meaning of Easter Sunday. Don’t get it twisted. 😉

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