Restoring Woodland,  The Wipe House

Life on Woodland Ave

It’s such a warm night. Sixty-something degrees. IN APRIL.

Simon is taking his late nap, and Paul and Porter are at church for rehearsal. I have brownies in the oven, my guilty pleasure on the TV, and I’m sitting down to check in and say hello. Ahhh. Feels so nice to just… bask in the silence. Haha.

We are FINALLY moved into the Wipe House. We moved in on Easter weekend, and it’s been amazing. So fun – the boys are finally getting comfortable with the layout, the stair creaks, and the lack of noise at night. Simon is confident barreling up the stairs, and my heart doesn’t plummet into the floorboards when I see him toddling to head downstairs.

The sounds of the neighborhood are soothing – kids. Sprinklers. Traffic only during peak travel times, like to and from work.

What I thought was going to be cramped, small quarters is actually just the right size for us. I’m slowly purging clothing and knick-knacks and excess everything and just getting comfortable with my necessities… it’s such a good feeling. And, luckily, the boys are still spending about 2x a week over at auntie’s house during the day so I can get some work done. tThey don’t feel like they’re completely displaced, which is the only thing I hoped.

We moved in before some of the final finishing touches were done, and I didn’t want to do that, initially – but we were just too excited and my judgement was impaired, haha. It’s probably going to take another month before we have everything done – like doorknobs – but little by little, it’s coming together.

The one thing that sucks about out older, smaller home is our lack of closet space. We’re figuring it out, we’re totally making due… but while I was Googling creative closet organization, I came across this article on how an organized closet will reduce stress, and it was fascinating. In a perfect world (aka: when my boys get older and move in together via bunkbeds and I can have the third bedroom as a walk-in closet), I will absolutely be one of those girls that has a freakin’ island in her closet to house all the shoes I don’t wear and the handbags I don’t use. It’s amazing how much I’m realizing that clutter genuinely makes me itchy. I cannot wait to pay someone to come build me something amazing, with too many places to store things and an array of ways to color code and separate by season. I seriously can feel my anxiety reducing just as I’m pretending this is my current reality, and not the boxes of shoes lining my hallway. *insert wide-eyed emoticon*.

Anyway. Sorry for that tangent. But, things are good. I’m so happy to be in our place… I can’t wait for all the precious memories to come with my little family.

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