Coco & Kiwi,  Diaper Bag Review

Coco & Kiwi: Diaper Bag Review

Truth be told, I’m almost out of the diaper bag phase at this point in life, which is so strange. I haven’t had a purse in forever, but I am almost back to that point. Almost. Simon is closing in on 2, and when we go out, he wants only the things his brother has: a sippy cup of apple juice and a Ninja Turtles sword. But, he’s still in diapers… so technically, I deserve a diaper bag.
I got a chance to review the Coco & Kiwi diaper bag in Provence, c/o Babby Cubby… and you guys… have you ever had a diaper bag that you were proud to wear as a purse or carry as your “briefcase” to work meetings? Me either. Until this bag came around, and I’ve found myself doing both. Unashamed.
It’s black and white, with the most gorgeous pop of color with the kelly green lining and gold buckles. It’s not too big, so I can’t store my literal life in there, but it’s plenty big enough to fit my laptop, wallet, a few diapers for Simon, some granola bars, wipes, an extra pair of underwear/shorts for potty-training big brother, and some extra pacis for the little guy… and I can still find everything right when I need it. I hate fishing through a bag for my wallet and literally pulling everything else out before I actually get to it.
I love that it has straps to carry it on my arm, and a removable long strap to wear it on my shoulder or as a cross-body bag, or on our stroller.

It also has a zip-out wet bag, which came in HUGELY helpful on our recent trip to the beach, when I had to transport Porter’s sand-filled, water-logged shorts back to the hotel. AND – last but certainly not least, I love that it zips completely closed. Seems silly, right? Like, you guys have probably only used fully-zippable diaper bags, but I’ve only ever used diaper bags with partial zip closure. Seems so random and unimportant, but holy cow – it’s so nice to put everything I need in there and close it up securely. We toted this bag to the beach and everything inside stayed sand free and dry, all day long.

Baby Cubby has a great Diaper Bag Buying Guide on their site, which is so helpful if you need some assistance finding the right one – and especially for new moms, when you literally have no idea where to begin and just take what someone buys you with a smile and an overwhelmed “thank you”. Truth be told, there IS such thing as the right bag for you, though, so test some out and find the perfect one for you.
You can use my discount code – icorianne10 – at checkout on Baby Cubby’s site from now until July 30th.



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