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Cheers, Mom & Dad!

I was having a rough day yesterday. Just tired, and feeling a little blah. Nothing too bad, but my husband sensed I needed a few minutes so he sent me to the store for some essentials.

I happened to drop a jar of pizza sauce (not an essential on the list, but ON SALE), and it was embarrassing. A boy and his dad saw, and tried to make me feel better by joking about it. They were nice.

As I pulled up behind them in line, the boy – probably 10-12 years old or so, ran over and grabbed a paper towel from the front of the store, where they keep them for people wanting to dry off or disinfect their cart handles. He approached me, knelt down on one knee, and asked if I minded if he cleaned off my shoe, as I head some pizza sauce on it.

I totally teared up. I didn’t even notice I had sauce on my shoe. I didn’t try to clean it off myself, and he just saw and wanted to help. He noticed, and then asked me if he could help me. This 10 year old boy was wiping the pizza sauce off my shoe, because he wanted to. His grandpa didn’t prompt him, he didn’t do it begrudgingly… he just wanted to help me out.

On his way out of the store, another mom walked in carrying a baby on her hip. The boy’s dad cheerfully greeted them, saying something about how rainy it was outside, and the little boy piped up: “Hey, I love your hair color!” The mom looked so surprised and pleased. I bet he made her night, too.

SOME KIDS, you guys. And some parents. Some people are just doing it RIGHT.

Cheers to all you, raising polite, loving, kind-hearted kids. It’s no easy job, but that little boy restored my faith just a bit last night.

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