Spring Cleaning Supplies | Mrs. Meyer’s Peony & Lilac

Spring cleaning, you guys.

It’s actually one of my favorite times of the year.

There’s nothing more refreshing than opening all the windows, putting things on my local Buy Nothing site for neighbors to pick up off my porch, and cleaning every single visible surface in my house.

I was at Target last night; I had an entire afternoon and evening to myself, thanks to my husband, and it was LOVELY. I got a new shirt, some lip gloss, and I walked by the display of Mrs. Meyer’s twice before I realized the spring scents are out. Lilac, Peony… yes, yes, yes. Last year, I wanted the Peony scent so bad, but I realized it had been released too late, and it was nowhere to be found. In the same fashion, the only thing left on the display I was looking at was Peony dish soap, or hand soap. Not the Multi-Surface cleaner, which is my favorite. SO, I went searching.

Luckily, Target is smart and has several displays at once – usually one big end cap, and then a few little racks set up strategically around the rest of the cleaning supplies. I found the last Peony Multi Surface Cleaner, you guys. It was a major win for me, I practically skipped to the register.

And before you roll your eyes, no, this is not a sponsored post by Mrs. Meyer’s. I just love it that much and get way too excited about season scents. I still have a stock of Iowa Pine under my sink, but I’ll gladly retire that for a couple months, in favor of a fresh, floral scent to compliment the open windows and sporadic Northwest Sunshine.

ORDERING ON TARGET: It’s available right now on the Target website (in Lilac, too). If you pay for express shipping, it’s kinda like ordering from Amazon? You can get it tomorrow. But you’re only paying $3.99 for the bottle, so that’s nice (same as in store).

ORDERING ON AMAZON: You can order Peony & Lilac cleaning sets on Amazon, if you want to try them out tomorrow and you want an assortment of product, but it’s a little expensive. However, Amazon is ridiculously convenient, so no judgement here. I get it. Sometimes it’s nice to just have it delivered to your front door, and use your Prime.

What’s your favorite Mrs. Meyer’s scent?