• Chipotle Pumpkin Soup with Chicken & Barley
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    Chipotle Pumpkin Soup with Chicken & Barley

    What better way to make my blogging return than by talking about my favorite topic: food, at the kickoff to my favorite season: fall, with one of my favorite ingredients/spices: chipotle…? I’ll answer: there is no better time. Hiiiiii, glad to be back. I’ll keep it quick, because I want you guys to have enough time to go to the store tonight and snatch up all the ingredients so you’re ready to make this tomorrow. I got it from an incredible blogger and influencer, Dr. Edie…  I encourage you all to like her on Facebook and watch her live videos. I could listen to her for hours! And, we’re apart…

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    Dinner Recap: Diamond Burgers

    I made incredible sliders yesterday, and they were a MAJOR win. I just wanted to share them here on the blog so I could find them again, because I’m probably going to turn these into a staple in our house. They turned out way better than I imagined… even the kiddos loved them. They aren’t clean or healthy, but you could make a few adjustments to improve them: Use ground turkey instead of beef Avoid the glaze (but it’s the best part, so I’m willing to just eat more salad the next day to keep the glaze) Serve open-faced (1/2 the roll) Replace with vegan cheese, or even just nix the…

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    Ladies, We Can Do Better

    This was originally a post I made in my women’s group, after a plethora of anonymous questions and concerns about infidelity and emotional affairs. I felt compelled to challenge the 12k women in my group to do and demand better, as women… and a few of them asked me to make it public so they can share, so I’m reposting here. <3 — LADIES, WE CAN DO BETTER. I know… it takes two to tango. I know, it’s just as much the man’s fault as “the other woman”. Maybe even more! I know, I know, I know. But, I’m a woman. As an admin here, I’ve read too many anonymous…

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    Anonymous Letter 1 – Tenacity

    Friend, I wish you could see what I see. I wish you knew just what you are capable of, and what you truly deserve. Why do we settle? Why do we keep spinning in circles, only to end up dizzy and out of sorts – and nowhere closer to happy? You deserve people in your world that will see what an incredible human you are: kind, compassionate, strong, loving. You’re not perfect, of course, none of us are… but you have resolve. You have tenacity. When I was eighteen, a real estate agent I worked with told me I was tenacious, and I’ve never forgotten it. Isn’t that strange? I…

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    Cheers, Mom & Dad!

    I was having a rough day yesterday. Just tired, and feeling a little blah. Nothing too bad, but my husband sensed I needed a few minutes so he sent me to the store for some essentials. I happened to drop a jar of pizza sauce (not an essential on the list, but ON SALE), and it was embarrassing. A boy and his dad saw, and tried to make me feel better by joking about it. They were nice. As I pulled up behind them in line, the boy – probably 10-12 years old or so, ran over and grabbed a paper towel from the front of the store, where they…

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    Lazy Girl’s Guide To Thanksgiving: Slow-Cooker Turkey Soup with Lemon & Sage

    I had a bag of leftover white/dark meat turkey sitting in my fridge, and we are turkey’d out. I knew I had to do something with it, so I sat down to search for a crockpot turkey soup recipe (or at least, outline) that I could use with just stuff I had in my house. That meant getting creative, crossing my fingers, and hoping my omission of a few ingredients, replacements of others, and cutting corners on steps would turn out. I just took a little taste of what I have so far, and it’s… a win. Like, a major one. Slow-Cooker Leftover Turkey Soup with Lemon & Sage Now,…

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    Working Wish List

    I say working because I’m still brainstorming. I feel like there isn’t anything I truly need this year, but I’m really happy to put together a dream list of pretty things that would look excellent in my house and on my counters. These things just make me happy. I wouldn’t say most of these things are actually on my list, but if I was to stumble upon any of these items under my tree, I wouldn’t be mad at Santa. BLANKNYC ‘Easy Rider’ Faux Leather Moto Jacket • Blank NYC Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder • Laura Mercier S’well Elements White Marble 25-oz. Reusable Bottle • Swell Diptyque – Baies, Roses…

  • Coco & Kiwi,  Diaper Bag Review

    Coco & Kiwi: Diaper Bag Review

    Truth be told, I’m almost out of the diaper bag phase at this point in life, which is so strange. I haven’t had a purse in forever, but I am almost back to that point. Almost. Simon is closing in on 2, and when we go out, he wants only the things his brother has: a sippy cup of apple juice and a Ninja Turtles sword. But, he’s still in diapers… so technically, I deserve a diaper bag. I got a chance to review the Coco & Kiwi diaper bag in Provence, c/o Babby Cubby… and you guys… have you ever had a diaper bag that you were proud to…

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    Junk Drawer: Tessemae’s Giveaway Winner

    This week on the Junk Drawer, I am giving away a FULL “best sellers” pack of dressings from Tessemae’s. I’m so excited about this because these are – hands down – my favorite dressings in the world. All natural, with no added sugar or preservatives – a majority of them are Whole30 friendly, which says a lot. So anyway, the only thing people needed to do to participate in this giveaway was give me their favorite or most creative salad recipe, using a minimum of 5 ingredients (including the Tessemae’s best selling dressing of choice). The dressings included in this best seller’s pack are: Honey Balsamic, Lemon Garlic, Buffalo, Southwest…

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    Mother’s Day – Or, Any Day – Gift Inspiration

    I made a fun little gift-idea guide for Mother’s Day, which includes some things that are on my list, some things I’ve recently bought and LOVE, and some things that are way too expensive but nice to dream about 😉 What’s on your current wish list?