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    Dinner Recap: Diamond Burgers

    I made incredible sliders yesterday, and they were a MAJOR win. I just wanted to share them here on the blog so I could find them again, because I’m probably going to turn these into a staple in our house. They turned out way better than I imagined… even the kiddos loved them. They aren’t clean or healthy, but you could make a few adjustments to improve them: Use ground turkey instead of beef Avoid the glaze (but it’s the best part, so I’m willing to just eat more salad the next day to keep the glaze) Serve open-faced (1/2 the roll) Replace with vegan cheese, or even just nix the…

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    Quick Dinner: Brown Sugar Spiced Salmon

    This brown sugar spiced salmon was so delicious and will become a staple in our weekly/monthly. Such a great way to get the family to eat fish: thanks to Katie Lee for yet another simple & amazing dinner inspiration. Just mix a 1/2 cup of dark brown sugar, a tablespoon of chili powder, sea salt and pepper together in a bowl. Pat the rub generously into each filet and bake in the oven on 400° for 10-15 minutes.  The sugars caramelize and whenever that happens, it’s like a party on my plate. So, so good- Porter loved the “chicky” too 😉

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    Quick Weeknight Dinner (Trust Me, You Want This Recipe On Hand)

    Make this next time it’s 5pm and you realized you forgot to plan anything for dinner. (Like, daily for me) Korean Beef & Rice I just made it for lunch because I had everything on hand, and omg… it was so good. Some healthy substitutions I did: Use coconut aminos or organic tamari instead of soy Use less brown sugar. I did barely 1/4 cup; some versions of this recipe call for up to 1/2 cup… just don’t, it’s too sweet (in my opinion). Use ground turkey instead of beef

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    Maple Dijon Pork Chops In The Crockpot

    This was seriously the easiest dinner! • Boneless pork chops (how many ever you want- I used my whole pack of small, boneless pork chops and then doubled the recipe I was following)• 1 large yellow onion• 3-4 tbl of pure maple syrup• 4 tbl of dijon mustard• 1 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar• Salt & Pepper To thicken your sauce:• 2-3 tbl of real butter• 1/2 cup flour I seared a bunch of boneless pork chops in a hot pan. They were pretty small, so I think I did like 12 of them, haha- the whole pack I got at the store. The original recipe I was following called for two large bone-in chops, so…

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    Currently In The Oven

    This: Roasted Pepper & Eggplant Marinara It’s way, way, waaaay too hot to be roasting vegetables and garlic and eating pasta, right? Wrong. Shame on you. It’s NEVER too hot for pasta. NEVER. I watched Rachael Ray make this this morning as I was getting ready for church, and I was sold. So, currently, I’m waiting for my garlic and eggplant to finish roasting, sweating like… something that sweats a lot (the only thing I could think of was an inappropriate example). Review coming soon!

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    Lemon & Thyme BBQ Salmon with Truffled Balsamic Caprese Salad

    Paul and I are on the second round of the 21 Day Fix, which has been amazing. But frankly, on Sunday evening we were a little tired of chicken, ground turkey, tacos, quinoa, wraps, salads and steaks. I was wanting something totally different tonight for dinner to mix it up, so we ran out and grabbed some Sockeye Salmon to throw on the BBQ. It was a gorgeous spring day in Washington; clear blue skies and 70 degrees. Perfect grilling weather. We seasoned the fish with a little EVOO, some sea salt and cracked pepper, fresh thyme and sliced lemon. Grill (skin side down) for 10-15 minutes – or until…

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    Pan Seared Chicken With Olives. Except Not With Olives.

    I made this dish last night, and it was delicious! So much flavor! Pan Seared Chicken With Olives My modifications:  I didn’t use olives. Instead, I used mushrooms. I didn’t have any chicken broth, so I omitted that from the sauce as well. I just used the juice from the rested, cooked chicken. I didn’t pound out my chicken, I just cheated and bought the thin-cut boneless/skinless breasts. I didn’t let them marinate for 30 minutes. I mixed up the marinade and poured over the chicken, then flipped the chicken around a few times to be sure they were evenly coated. Then they sat for a minute while I prepped…