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    Every Day In May: Day 19

    Five of my favorite blogs, and why. I’m going to follow Jessica’s lead. Ladies and gents, my blog tribe. Jessica @ The Jones Family Five: Jessica’s blog is one I check the minute I get notification that she’s posted. She’s hilarious. She’s also a real life best friend, so she writes about me sometimes, which I love. And when I’m writing something funny of my own, I often think to myself… “WWJT?” (What Would Jessica Think?). She’s the mother to three adorable boys, she’s a REALLY BAD Asian, and our husbands are BFFs, too. We’ve been on multiple vacations together, we go to church together, we start and abandon new…

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    Every Day in May: Day 18

    My mission, today: Tell a story from your childhood. Dig deep and try to be descriptive about what you remember and how you felt. Man, this is tough. I used to have the best memory. Now, I have a kid and a memory that requires daily notes in my iPhone and a blog to rehash good times. Dang you, 2013. I had the best childhood. I grew up on 20 acres, with my mom, dad, and sister — and my maternal grandparents just up the road. It’s so hard for me to hone in one one awesome memory, because every day was an adventure for me. Photo: Engagement Session with TL…

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    Every Day In May: Day 17

    I’m cheating. We’re supposed to share one photo of ourself that we love, but I’m sharing this collage because my husband put it together and posted it on Instagram for Valentine’s Day 2012. And that pretty much melted my heart. So, that’s why it’s my favorite: because I love how much my husband loves me, and the fact that these are some of HIS favorite photos of me… which means, of course I love them too!

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    Every Day In May: Day 16

    Day 16: Something difficult about your “lot in life” and how you’re working to overcome it. I’m going to be brutally honest here: something difficult that I work to overcome is my husband’s job. That sounds bad, but let me make it worse: my husband works for our church. I know, I know. Before you start throwing banana peels at me, let me set the record straight. I love my church. Love it. I love the people I do life with, I love that my husband works there. I wouldn’t change i t for the world. I love that he gets to pray with his coworkers, and that his coworkers love and pray…

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    Every Day In May: Day 15

    A Day in the life of Corianne and Porter: 7:20am: awake to my alarm clock. Have I mentioned how much I adore my sleep-loving baby boy? Because I do. He’s amazing. I rarely wake up to a crying baby, which is incredible. 7:25am: stumble to my laptop, login to work. 7:29am: stumble to my Keurig and login to my coffee pot. I mean, make myself a pot of coffee. I mean, make myself a cup of coffee. It’s early. I’m pre-caffeine right now. Be back in a few minutes. 7:34am: Mmm, peppermint mocha creamer in May… I’m a fan. I made my husband a cup of coffee too, because as much…

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    Every Day In May: Day 12

    What do I miss? Gosh, this is tough. I’m so grateful for every advancement and new chapter in my life. I think I will always miss the innocence of childhood, especially now that I’m a mother. The things that kids are concerned with alway makes me smile, wistfully. Gosh. I would give anything to stress out about if my mom was going to let my friend come home with me after school on a Tuesday, or if I was going to be allowed to have a second helping of dessert, or if I was going to catch my favorite song on the radio so I could record it. I’m so…

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    Every Day In May: Day 10

    Gosh, this is hard. I’m supposed to blog about my most embarrassing moment(s). I really can’t think of anything… possibly because I’ve blocked them all from memory? Maybe? I mean, there’s the awkward slipping-and-falling-on-a-storm-drain-in-Portland, but that wasn’t as much embarrassing as it was super painful. And I was with good friends, and not much embarrasses me in front of them. Sooo… no, that’s not it. There’s those awkward moments in church when you wave back to someone you think is waving to you… but they’re not. They’re actually waving to the person behind you. And they see you wave at them, and realize that you thought that they were waving to them, and then there’s that awkward…

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    Every Day In May: Day 9

    A moment in my day, brought to your by my crappy iPhone 4s. We had a Leadership Development night last night at church, and Porter was more interested in getting some good snuggles in with Auntie Bekah than he was in becoming a good leader 🙂 I thought this was such a sweet photo! Love them both. (And that’s the sunlight streaming in through the windows, by the way – I didn’t edit this photo to death. Haha — in fact: #nofilter)

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    Every Day In May: Day 8

    I get to give you advice about anything I want. I thought about this in the shower the other day (I do some of my best thinking in the shower), and I made myself laugh out loud. I wanted to communicate this to you all, so I’m going to make it fit with today’s “Every Day in May” post. If you’re an expectant mom, or are thinking about having a baby, or are in the process of trying to have a baby, I want to give you the best advice that I could give you. Are you ready? When you’re at your breaking point, when you’ve been pushing for 36 hours…