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    Quick Dinner: Brown Sugar Spiced Salmon

    This brown sugar spiced salmon was so delicious and will become a staple in our weekly/monthly. Such a great way to get the family to eat fish: thanks to Katie Lee for yet another simple & amazing dinner inspiration. Just mix a 1/2 cup of dark brown sugar, a tablespoon of chili powder, sea salt and pepper together in a bowl. Pat the rub generously into each filet and bake in the oven on 400° for 10-15 minutes.  The sugars caramelize and whenever that happens, it’s like a party on my plate. So, so good- Porter loved the “chicky” too 😉

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    Caprese Omelet | 21 Day Fix Approved!

    I stumbled upon something new, that might have changed the way I view breakfast. I seriously look forward to this meal every single day! Caprese Omelet-2 eggs-A handful of fresh basil. I love basil, so I am very generous with how much I use-Parmesan cheese-Grape tomatoes, halved Whisk two eggs with 2 tablespoons of water. Make sure you whisk/beat them really well. Preheat a skillet (or omelet pan) to medium heat, spray with coconut oil, and pour the eggs in. Pick up the pan by the handle, and tilt the pan around around to ensure even coverage. Cover egg generously with your favorite seasonings- I used fresh cracked black pepper,…

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    21DF | Lemon Thyme Salmon

    My favorite dinner thus far! Add this into your line-up immediately, if you’re a fan of these ingredients. Salmon Lemon & Thyme Tomato Fresh Basil Fresh Mozzarella (Skim/low moisture or whatever) 😉 Balsamic Reduction We cooked our salmon the bbq, because the sun came out and we forgot that it was April. It was so easy! Season your salmon with a tsp of olive oil and whatever fresh herbs/citrus you want – we did lemon slices, and fresh sprigs of thyme. And, salt + pepper of course! Then, place it on the grill skin side down, until the fish starts to flake and the white/clear “fat” starts to emerge from the meat.…

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    21DF | Healthy BLT

    Just… you’re welcome. I could eat this every day for lunch. 1 Whole Grain Tortilla Your green of choice (romaine, spinach, arugula) 4 slices of turkey bacon For the MAYO = Plain Greek yogurt + onion powder + garlic powder + sea salt + fresh cracked pepper + a tiny bit of whole grain mustard + a splash of white wine vinegar (or balsamic… whatever you have! Try anything for a fun-flavored mayo) + any other seasoning you’d like. Get creative and experiment a bit. Spread 1tb of the mayo onto the tortilla, cover with your lettuce of choice, two slices of tomato, and 4 slices of bacon. I usually use 2 slices of bacon for my…

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    21DF | A Sample Weekly Menu

    Please be advised – these daily options are not my exact allotment of containers. I realize that may not be the most helpful for you, but I wanted to post this sooner rather than waiting for the entire next week to pass so I can write things down exactly as I eat them. So, take this with a grain of perfectly measured/allotted sea salt 😉 SOME REMINDERS: NO DRESSINGS, NO TABLE SALT, NO SUGAR, NO CRAP WHITE BREAD OR PASTA. If you are a real human, and accept a dinner invitation with friends – I will be posting more about that next week – including some ideas on what to…

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    21DF | Brussels & Kale

    I was grossed out by brussel sprouts when I was a kid, until the one time my dad sautéed them in maple syrup, and then I was all “VEGGIES ARE AMAZING!” Nice try, dad. Good game. I bought some brussels at Costco after a couple of my favorite health food bloggers raved about them; I knew I couldn’t douse them in maple syrup on the Fix, so I prayed that a little olive oil would magically do trick. It’s not quite syrup, but it was freaking delicious. I’m a fan. Newly converted, but a fan nonetheless. Try it for your next lunch. It was so filling, and but didn’t leave…

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    #21DayFix Me!

    I’m a serial dieter. Atkins, HCG, raw, juice, “eat-kind-of-clean all week and then binge on the weekends” (no joke, I actually thought that would work). I have a friend named Chelsea, and I watched her total transformation from Day 1. She never harassed me to join her, she never stalked me and tried to sell me… what she involved herself in was so impressive, I started to want it. I started to realize that it wasn’t about building a following for her, she just genuinely loves what she does – and has seen her body/life/mind completely change as a result. So, a little over a week ago, I tracked her…