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    Frosted Fingers

    One of the best parts about being a mom is learning how to be the fun mom. Porter and I made a cake. A chocolate cake, with milk chocolate frosting. He was beside himself with joy, but I explained to him that we couldn’t frost the cake until the cake was totally cool. “Cool? I cool, mom!” (We always tell him how cool he is – when he dresses himself, or uses his imagination, or keeps a really great beat on his drums). “Yes, Porter, you are SO cool. But I mean, like, we can’t put frosting on the cake when it’s warm because the frosting will slide off.” “Into…

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    Currently In The Oven

    This: Roasted Pepper & Eggplant Marinara It’s way, way, waaaay too hot to be roasting vegetables and garlic and eating pasta, right? Wrong. Shame on you. It’s NEVER too hot for pasta. NEVER. I watched Rachael Ray make this this morning as I was getting ready for church, and I was sold. So, currently, I’m waiting for my garlic and eggplant to finish roasting, sweating like… something that sweats a lot (the only thing I could think of was an inappropriate example). Review coming soon!

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    Make Yourself A List

    Write it down.Do something for you, today. Take a breather. Plan out your meals. Inspire. Fix what’s ailing you. Write it down.Dream your dreams, but list your goals. Call your mother. Compliment a stranger. Write it down. You make grocery lists and honey-do lists… but why not make a list for yourself, of completely random things that could improve the heart of your day? Leave a handwritten note. Read your Bible and memorize a verse. Drink a bottle of water. Print out pictures. Before you forget, write it down.

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    Our Beautiful Mess: For All The Moms

    Yesterday, we had our first MOPS meeting of the year! I can’t believe, for one, that I have a child and can now attend meetings like this. It’s so surreal. We were so lucky to hear from Nicole Moore… she was our first speaker of the year! Nichole is an amazing wife, mother and teacher. She is on staff at my church, and every time she speaks, I always find myself completely wrapped up in every word she’s saying. She’s so poised and well-spoken; one of those women that truly feels like they have it all together. Well, it was such a breath of fresh air to hear her speak…

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    Adventures In Baby-Proofing

    Yesterday, I followed Porter around the house baby-proofing. I followed him around for a good hour — he realized he was no longer confined to the TV area and was booking around the house like a locomotive. You guys, this was genius. Sometimes you never know what needs to be adjusted until your baby is all over it and/or shoving it into his mouth, right? This was a great plan. Or, so I thought. I didn’t take into account that he is fast. While I was busy “fixing” something, he was off into another mess. Just a few of his shenanigans: He ate dog food. A stray piece from the bowl…

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    Last Thing Thursday

    Welcome to THE LAST THING THURSDAYS, brogught to us by The Life of the Wife! 🙂 READ: Outsmarting Google. If you want to know the secrets of SEO, this is a must read. I was scared it would be an intimidating read, but it’s not! Evan Bailyn is a legend, and I’m excited to learn from him! PINNED: I haven’t been in Pinterest in forever. Don’t hate me. I partially blame Jessica. She sent me an article last week about how Pinterest is under scrutiny, and how there’s all this talk of possibile lawsuits from people pinning stuff that they don’t have rights to. So, while I was scoffing and telling Jessica that her research…

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    Last Thing Thursday.

    The Life of the Wife along with aunie SAUCE have begun this fun link-up party called The Last 13 Things. Be sure to join in and link up over on their blogs! The Last Thing I: ATE: Kashi Go Lean cereal and vanilla almond milk. BOUGHT: An Emerald City Smoothie – Lean Body for Her w/a scoop of peanut butter and NO BANANA. Tastes like a PB&J in a cup. Delicious, and no gross like my desciption may lead you to believe. Ha! READ: Some beautiful posts on Facebook, for a man that went to Heaven far too soon for my liking. We love you, Joe. LAUGHED AT: COOKED: A…

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    Irony & The Ugly Truth

    Today has been a great day. No work. Woke up on my own at 8am (this is sleeping in), went to the gym with my work-out buddy (high-five for yet another perk of being married; live-in workout buddies!) and then proceeded to do nothing all day except for make lunch, get an evening coffee, hit up Target for nothing in particular, and spring-clean my closet. And just like that, my much-anticipated Monday off, is over. Why do these precious days fly by? And if I was at work today, the 8 hours would have been the longest, most painful chunk of time ever. I know this is nothing new. I…