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    Weekend Rewind – Porter’s Birthday, New Make-Up, and Star Wars!

    We had such a fun weekend – it was busy, as usual, but we also had some great family time as Scrooge The Musical came to a close at our church. Here are some highlights: Porter celebrated his 3rd birthday yesterday (Sunday, December 20th). I cannot believe we have a 3 year old. We had a fun party for him last Wednesday – a Paw Patrol pizza party at his favorite restaurant by the train tracks – and he was seriously ELATED with the fact that his entire family and all his friends were in one room together. We sang happy birthday to him, and right at the end, a…

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    Jay & Hay’s One Big Day

    I really love weddings. I love love. I love the celebration of a couple choosing to be together, happily ever after. I love the commitment, the statement, and the excitement of a wedding day. I love seeing the personality of the bride and groom come out in all the little details. I love wedding gowns. The hair. The makeup. The choice of dress in which you force all of your girlfriends to wear as they stand by your side to support you on the biggest day of your life (the bride either loves or secretly loathes all of her maids and matrons, and it’s hilarious. Haley loved hers, for sure –…

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    Currently In The Oven

    This: Roasted Pepper & Eggplant Marinara It’s way, way, waaaay too hot to be roasting vegetables and garlic and eating pasta, right? Wrong. Shame on you. It’s NEVER too hot for pasta. NEVER. I watched Rachael Ray make this this morning as I was getting ready for church, and I was sold. So, currently, I’m waiting for my garlic and eggplant to finish roasting, sweating like… something that sweats a lot (the only thing I could think of was an inappropriate example). Review coming soon!

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    Sick Day Getaway

    Last week was a rough week. Paul, Porter and I were all sick; probably from the craziness of traveling and all the early, early morning flights. Paul was sickest in the beginning of the week, me in the middle and toward the end, and Porter was right along with me. His room is feet away from ours, so my coughing and sneezing and blowing wasn’t helping Porter’s sleep. There’s nothing worse than a sick, sleep-deprived baby. On Friday, our church had an overnight retreat up in Seattle. Paul was running sound for the event, so I got to join him. We left Porter at home, mainly so we could use a night away…

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    Adventures in San Francisco

    This past weekend, we enjoyed beautiful San Francisco as a family. It was beyond amazing; I love, love, love that city. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t to move SF up to my top three favorites cities ever! But, alas — that’s where you can now find it. Top 3 Favorite Cities. Ever. We flew down for my work retreat (my company is based out of SF). So, along with exploring a new city, I got to meet all the people I’ve only known virtually for nearly 2 years. It was crazy… putting faces to voices, sharing inside jokes that we’ve only ever laughed about…

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    Fall Things: Friday at Fox Follow Farm

    We spent a fun Friday afternoon at Fox Hollow Farm, a beautiful (albeit, kinda spooky) farm nestled into the hillside of Issaquah. It was magical: fog swirling above the treetops, reds and orange and gold leaves all around, piles of pumpkins and white-fenced arenas, wild bunnies hopping around randomly, a box of brand new kittens for your petting pleasure, a barn full of friendly horses, pony, tractor and train rides for the kiddos, parrots (!?) in the trees above out head greeting us, a beautiful river behind a charming little farmhouse, and plenty of mud puddles so that my Hunter boots could earn their keep. It smelled like sawdust, campfire,…

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    I Don’t Run, But I Like To Look Like I Do

    Saturday almost always means Target runs with Paul and Porter. It’s one of my favorite parts of the week. We usually always pick up a few necessities, like diapers and dog food, or we spend way too much time pouring over the home decor, debating on if we need a new rug for our living room. But, I also always get to peruse through my favorite areas: clothing. Cosmetics. Shoes. Holiday. I mean, when don’t I need another bag of Holiday Reese’s, or a new wine-stained lip (made possible by this, in Bordeaux)? The answer you’re looking for is never. So, I bought a hot pink pullover last winter before I…

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    Target Run & Saturday Fun

    Paul was busy doing some home improvements and Porter was sleeping in, so I flew out the door by myself to make a Target run for a baby shower I was headed to later in the afternoon. I flew out the door. By myself. Those are two phrases that I definitely don’t say often. Ok, maybe ever, anymore.  Leaving the house takes planning and preparation, two things I’m not awesome at as it is. And by myself is just highly unlikely, which I’m ok with. My husband is my best friend, so I honestly enjoy doing stuff with him. And I missed Porter’s chubby little cheeks (two sets) in the…

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    Scenes From The Weekend

    It was another beautiful summer weekend in Washington. Sunday was particularly amazing. After church, we ran home and dropped Porter off with family (afternoon naps are a must) and we headed out for the final service of the weekend. We made a quick stop for lunch at our favorite happy hour spot, Masa, on 6th Ave. They have the best chips and salsa, the best “street corn”, and the best fish tacos… all doused with a healthy amount of our favorite hot sauce(s). Are you a Tapatio or a Cholula freak? I had some time to sneak a picture of my darling hubby as we waited for our food. I’m…

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    Husband is sick.

    I’ve known him for years, but this is the first time I’ve known him with the flu. He is a mess. He won’t even attempt to eat, because he hates throwing up so much. He won’t take pain medication, because he is afraid that it may (even though it never has) make him nauseous. He has been sleeping for nearly two days. He is hardly talking. He’s not making up words to random melodies that he gets in his head, he’s not cracking cheesy jokes to annoy me, he’s not even drinking coffee. I’m so bored, I’ve cleaned the entire house, done all the laundry, and even spent a couple…