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    Inspiration from Dr. Seuss

    I got today’s little morning reminder from last night’s storytime with the boys. As I read this book out loud, I found myself so encouraged – I had to pause and laugh a little at the simplicity and blatant challenge of this message.  You have a brain in your head. Use it however you see fit.You have feet in your shoes. Now, go.What I appreciate about his books: the way he lays it out there – no frills, no fuss. It brought me, even just for a moment, back to the basics of what truly drives me. Let’s remind ourselves of what we have in our hands, what we’re capable…

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    Rain On Pavement

    Do you ever have random memories of a particular day and time that never leave you? I have one day that seriously haunts me, and it’s nothing special. But, it happened as a I drove down a certain road in my town; a road that I still drive down every single day. And every single day, I have flashes of this memory. Nothing crystal clear, but just… the feeling. It’s the most random, pointless thing – except that it’s not. I know there’s a reason that this moment lives on. I know it was fall, and it had just finished raining. I don’t remember where I was coming from or…

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    I’m Dreaming Of Carbs

    I had a really vivid dream last night about being on vacation, and at the end of the vacation, I was floating in some turquoise blue water, kidless, because they were napping in our little bungalow. I came in and out with the waves, the sand was really velvety soft and white, and the water was so clear I could see to the bottom. Img Source: Ambitious Kitchen ANYWAY, the point of this post. When I was done frolicking in the water, I told my friend Jen I was going to make some zucchini bread. So random. I never eat any sort of dessert-y bread, because if I’m gonna have…

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    My Iron

    You know those friends that just make life easier? That would be these guys. As I get older grow up, I become continuously more grateful for the relationships that just work. Sure, relationships take work, but I’m a firm believer that the best relationships are also glaringly natural. Personalities compliment, weaknesses are compensated for, and there’s a whole lot of grace and assuming the best. If I am upset, I tell them. If they are upset, they tell me. We’re so different, but we appreciate the quirks and traits that each one of us brings to the table. Jessica is so easy going. I used to feel like she just didn’t…

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    Make Yourself A List

    Write it down.Do something for you, today. Take a breather. Plan out your meals. Inspire. Fix what’s ailing you. Write it down.Dream your dreams, but list your goals. Call your mother. Compliment a stranger. Write it down. You make grocery lists and honey-do lists… but why not make a list for yourself, of completely random things that could improve the heart of your day? Leave a handwritten note. Read your Bible and memorize a verse. Drink a bottle of water. Print out pictures. Before you forget, write it down.

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    http://ask.fm/icorianne I’ve seen a few people with these accounts, and I think they’re fun! You can ask me anything – anonymously, or with your personal info – and I’ll answer! You can even fill out the form here on my blog and ask without traveling to another site. Easy! Have fun, and be nice.

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    Happy New Year, I’m Still Alive

    (Oh this thing? It’s a blog, Corianne. Something you keep updated somewhat regularly.) *crickets* I’m baaaack. Took a much needed holiday hiatus and enjoyed time with my family, as unplugged as possible. It’s so hard when my work requires me to be on a computer, at home, 24/7. Once I’m done with my day, I want to bury the computer in the backyard turn off the computer and not look at it again until I have to. Christmas was lovely. Porter could care less about presents, was way more into the wrapping paper and empty boxes. A couple of his favorite toys, though, once we got them set up and…

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    Do You Believe In Magic?

    Yesterday at the mall, Paul and I saw from afar that Santa had arrived. I know… already. Ignoring the rising panic at how fast Christmas is coming, we took Porter down to Santa to give him a glimpse — mainly so we could see what we were in for. You never know. Porter was too little to care about the Easter Bunny, but now that he’s older and has an affinity for beards, we wanted to check in to see if he would love or hate the bearded wonder that is Kris Kringle. He didn’t even notice. We sat beyond the cute little fence, watching a bunch of kids interacting with…

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    Sheer Beauty

    I can’t believe October is already gone. One more month to go, and I become the mother of a one year old. That, my friends, blows my mind. I thought time flew by when I was a newlywed… I knew nothing about flying time until I created a human and was put in charge of all of his days. Now, I can’t believe how quickly Mondays fade into Fridays; it seems like I just took Porter’s weekly picture yesterday, and now here it is… time for another? Already? Thank you, God. My days are good. I get up, I make coffee when the house is still quiet. I pull back…

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    Tis The Season For… Elf Storage.

    My husband and I got out for an impromptu date night tonight, which was so, so, so needed after a long weekend. I hardly saw him, and Porter was definitely fighting off a stomach bug (or teething worse than anything I could have imagined) all day Saturday and Sunday, so today was a perfect time to catch up and refresh with my favorite guy. We were driving home, listening to some music and laughing about nothing, when we drove by a sign on the 705 for Tacoma Self Storage. Paul knows how much I adore the holidays, so he knew I would appreciate what he was about to say. “Do you…