• Chipotle Pumpkin Soup with Chicken & Barley
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    Chipotle Pumpkin Soup with Chicken & Barley

    What better way to make my blogging return than by talking about my favorite topic: food, at the kickoff to my favorite season: fall, with one of my favorite ingredients/spices: chipotle…? I’ll answer: there is no better time. Hiiiiii, glad to be back. I’ll keep it quick, because I want you guys to have enough time to go to the store tonight and snatch up all the ingredients so you’re ready to make this tomorrow. I got it from an incredible blogger and influencer, Dr. Edie…  I encourage you all to like her on Facebook and watch her live videos. I could listen to her for hours! And, we’re apart…

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    Sweet & Spicy Chobani Ranch

    When I think of tailgating, I think of delicious, fatty foods that I hate myself for eating the minute halftime hits. Seriously. Don’t sit me down in front of anything I can put on a potato chip. It’s a disaster. So, the Seahawks went to the Superbowl for two years, and every single week, we had a party that always featured our favorite tailgating foods. It was a crazy couple of seasons, and we won some NAILBITERS… and guess what my bad habit is when I’m nervous? EATING. So, I needed to think of something fulfilling that wouldn’t leave me regretting the day entirely. I created this recipe back when…