Essential Oils

I started my journey with essential oils when I was pregnant with my first baby, 7 years ago. I grabbed what oils I could, and never really understood how or why to use them. My “starter kit” at the time didn’t even come with a diffuser, so I ended up using them mainly on myself and then got pretty bored and was generally just overwhelmed. I saw some good results, but didn’t know where to go next. What do I order?

Frankincense on my skin, lavender to relax me. Anything minty to help me breathe. Check, check, check.

Eventually, my desire just kind of whittled away.

Fast forward 5 years and 2.5 babies later, and my friend was using and loving Young Living Essential Oils. I decided it was time to try again. This time, I jumped in with Young Living, grabbed my starter kit (that comes with a diffuser, heyoooo), and the rest is history. I got my oils, got plugged into an educational community, learned about the body and essential oils and how and why they work… and I couldn’t shut up about them. Now I’m a Platinum leader with a team of almost 1,400 that are just like myself: on a wellness journey, learning something new everyday, and linking arms with likeminded people on our way. I feel better than I ever have before: happy, empowered, and walking in my purpose.

Why Young Living?

Seed to Seal, baby. There is nothing like it. I walked the lavender fields in Mona, Utah. I planted Melissa (‘the finicky woman’) with my own hands. I watched the distillation of Idaho Balsam Fir, and got to hear about the history and standards of a company that is truly in this for THE OILS. Gary Young never made a product for profit. He got his hands dirty. It was all about the oils for him, and I love and stand behind his heart and vision.

I don’t know it all – not even close. But, I am learning and bringing people along with me. My family is happier and healthier, we’ve ditched toxic chemicals (what claims to be all-natural and “good for you” ISN’T, friends… and it’s infuriating).

Grab your kit and drop a comment below to let me know so I can get you plugged into my community, or check out my oily must-haves! I’m so glad you’re here.